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‘Aleph’ opens up a window to the world. On OLED screens, selected webcam images from around the world will be contrasting each other. The images reveal at first an abstract color mood and slowly increase resolution over several steps.

Independently, fascinating colour schemes disperse the ambiance of distant places into their respective concrete or organic surrounding. The colours originate from places around the world. Carefully selected webcams feed the raw material for the crossroad project.

A real time colour analysis software extracts the colours of the captured pictures and displays them on the LED screens. Corresponding to the panels, LED tickers display the names of the locations of the current webcams.

On the panels, the resolutions of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 pixels on each side of the screen crossfade into each other in slow motion. Thus the level of abstraction gets lower and the place reveals itself. By communicating sequences of colours and their origins the viewer creates an idea of the absent place. This process adresses to the imagination of the audience. Who may use it as a source of associations.

Thus the local gallery space becomes an ‘Aleph’ a place in space that contains all other places in the universe, a virtual global intersection where Tokyo, Bali, Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, Matterhorn, Stockholm, etc. intersect. The ‘Aleph’ opens a phantasmagorial colour window into the world representing the colours of distant place in situ.

Technical description:
In idle mode the selection of the places changes every three to five minutes. Interim the observers have the possibility to the select their favourite places to be displayed in the colour scheme while sending the name of the place to a target number using a mobile phone. Like this the public takes up an active role by participating and defining the colour schemes. They become part of the creation on a playful level.