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Dorkbot Zurich

December 30th, 2008

Paint My Bass was presented at dorkbot.swiss at kunstraum walcheturm Zurich.
This time with:

felix s. huber (d) ego alter ego
matthew fuller (uk) (skype) Digger Barley
rachel rosalen + rafael marchetti (br/ra) Territories Complexity
sybille hauert + daniel reichmuth (ch) TRiCKSTR, TRiCKSTR,
marek goldowski + natalie bewernitz (d) UNVEILED PRESENCE secret sounds
andres bosshard (ch) watt’ flore sonoarium
felix hasler+nenad brcic (ch) Vague Ideas about Life
david forster (ch) L.E.S.S.
susana perrottet (ch/pe) Liminal Vida / Colonia Fuimos / De No Se Donde
raphael perret (ch) paint my bass
stahl (ch) cellular automata intergemezzo sounds

Thank you Monya, Martin and Marty


Dorkbot Basel

December 29th, 2008

“Paint My Bass” was presented at dorkbot.swiss at plugin basel.
This time with:

Rachel Rosalen (Brasil) & Rafael Marchetti (Argentina) present „territórios 23°34′ S 46°39′ W”, a work that visualises local and global processes of change through a digital mapping of a neighbourhood in São Paulo.

Raphael Perret (CH) shows his project “Paint My Bass - An electromechanical pimp machine” where he experiments with Bass-Shakers that are often used in “pimped” cars.

Jörg Köppl and Mirjam Bürgin (CH) talk about the experimental radio project „Nachtschichten” (”night shifts”) - a book about this project, edited by Köppl, was recently published.

Stahl (CH) cellular automata intergemezzo sounds

Thank you Monya and Martin